A new proposal being submitted to the NNS.

The community meeting takes place every Friday at 5PM UTC generally on Discord where we have open discussions about the Internet Computer and all related development going on in this space.

This document is an attempt to sum up a lot of technical discussions that went on, I apologize if…

Hello and welcome back to this series of articles!

Before moving on to the next articles and going deeper I wanted to make sure we were on the same track. It not the funniest part but properly set up your work environment is of major importance.

I’ve summed up the…

This article was written for all the people who want to start developing on the Internet Computer but are at level 0 of programmation.

If that’s the case : I really encourage you to take the Internet Computer as a unique chance to start your path of developer.

When you…

Motoko is a new language developed by DFINITY, it’s a language designed to write canisters code. A canister is a piece of software running on the Internet Computer, it is a building block for any application working on the Internet Computer.

A canister is basically a WebAssembly module so any…

Motoko School

The Motoko school aims to be a place where everyone can join and contribute to make Motoko learning easier.

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